Gather designed, developed, tested, and delivered the new,

Forbes - Content & Strategy


In 2018, Forbes had a problem right at the center of their web experience. Their website was attracting millions of visitors every month, yet the site’s complicated design meant visitors were reading only one page, without exploring elsewhere, and Forbes was leaving revenue on the table. Gather partnered with Forbes’ Chief Digital Officer to redesign

The Approach

Gather began by researching visitor behavior, interviewing Forbes stakeholders, and surveying perceptions of the website and brand. Next, strategy was set for the redesign. Gather’s key recommendation was that Forbes make content interactive by publishing real-time data on the number of people reading and sharing each article. Finally, Gather designed, developed, tested, and delivered the new, in a matter of months.

The Impact

By attracting more visitors to the website and helping them navigate through more pages, Forbes saw millions in new revenue. The improved user experience added revenue without sacrificing advertising dollars, increasing the bottom line.