Dispatch - Podcast

Dispatch - Q1 2024

Looking Ahead from CES 2024

Gather's Head of Content, Jason Oberholtzer, goes to CES 2024 in Las Vegas


Jason is joined at CES 2024 in Las Vegas by two dear friends and longtime collaborators in podcasting: Chelsea Radovanovic (The Human Element) and Robert Schwartz (On Marketing). They cover the merits of content creation at CES and other events throughout the year, the importance of the marketing function within marketing shops, and what the year might look like for economic confidence, brand safety and the ongoing integration of generative AI.


This episode features:

  • Chelsea Radovanovic, VP, Marketing, dentsu Media US at dentsu international
  • Robert Schwartz, Global Chief Marketing Officer, Starcom

Hosted by Gather’s Head of Content, Jason Oberholtzer.

Theme music “You’re So Fine” by Mimi Sun Longo.