We work alongside our partners to not just chart the course but also produce the work.

We build teams with our clients, and infuse real change into the culture as well as the outcomes.

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Gather Strategy

Gather Strategy


Most consulting/agency partners to executive change agents are only responsible for the blueprint and leave the client without the tools to get the job done.

Gather enjoys the work. We bring together entrepreneurs and executives who have made real change and want to do so again, alongside our clients. We do not just deliver expertise, we are active participants on the journey to creating growth for your company.


- Colleague as a Service
- Executives in Residence
- Innovation Practice Development & Management
- Business Process (Agile)
- New Revenue Identification (Rev-ID)
- New Business Planning & Operations
- Customer Persona Development and Targeting
- New Product Design
- Market/User Research
- Measurements and Data Analytics
- Applied Workshops
- Brand Strategy

Gather Talent

Gather Talent


Increased employee anxiety, disconnection, and lack of trust is driving decreased productivity, effectiveness, and retention across large organizations. Putting people first isn’t just nice, it’s necessary for survival.

We apply principles of experience design and agile methodologies to talent development so we can align your mission and organization, develop your people to become leaders, and activate your culture. Our process puts your people first so they feel engaged and connected to the future of your company.


- Leadership Development
- HR and Onboarding
- Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion
- Organizational Design
- Recruitment
- Talent Strategy and Casting
- Culture Activation
- Team Building
- Training and Skill Development
- Retreats and Workshops
- Coaching
- Women’s Leadership
- Wellbeing

Gather Content

Gather Content


Your content is not competing against your competitors’ marketing, it’s competing against your audience’s divided attention, and everywhere else they could spend their time. The best content is not produced as a marketing exercise.

We gather in-demand practitioners, whose first job is to create content, not marketing. We then assemble unique teams, drawing from our deep pool of independent talent: writers, producers, designers, and creatives who have worked across myriad industries and organizations.

Our strategists and creators can be seamlessly embedded on-site or completely outsourced, delivering the right amount of integration that meets your team’s cultural and logistical needs. The result is higher quality content, better aligned to your brand, delivered to you with speed and efficiency.


- Editorial Ecosystem Building and Management
- Content Strategy and Editorial
- Social Strategy and Execution
- Written Content
- Video Production
- Podcast Production
- Digital Design
- Website Development
- Branding and Art Direction


Because of our model, the acceleration and velocity of our work is unmatched.

Gather &  Aim


Your first point of contact is your strategy lead, who will work with you to hone your vision and craft the plan. This person will be your right hand, help you build your team, and share your goals across the whole process, and will continue to deliver results after a blueprint is delivered.

Gather & Assemble


Next, we build the team, pulling together the right people for the task from wherever they might be located. We congregate a mix of our deep pool of practitioners alongside your internal resources, colleagues and partners.

Gather & Activate


Together, we create the content, culture, strategy, products, messaging, business and communication plans which activate your vision in the world. We focus on results that are real, measurable, and aligned to your vision of success.