“Own your work, and how your work gets done, in the new distributed work economy.”

Dispatch - Q1 2023

The quiet resignation

Firms don’t trust their workers. Workers don’t feel valued. Can reevaluating our work relationships help?


Dispatch - Q4 2022

Riding the Dip

We’re probably already in a recession. How should independent knowledge workers respond?


Dispatch - Q3 2022

Real Security

So you want to leave your full time job and go independent. That’s a leap of faith into an insecure unknown. Or is it?


Dispatch - Q2 2022

Who’s in Your Corner?

An agent, a talent network, a guild — just work with people who have your interests in mind.


Dispatch - Q3 2021

The Hybrid Worker

Contractors, consultants, gig workers, third party vendors, full-timers — who is working for your company?


Dispatch - Q1 2021

The Return

At Gather, we took work-related disruptions resulting from the pandemic in stride.